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Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Poonam’s House is excited to introduce a khadi (hand spun and handwoven fabric) collection for Spring-Summer 2023. We are proud to celebrate a long relationship with Khadi and the wonderful people who are the spinners and weavers of this beautiful fabric.

The word "khadi" is derived from the Sanskrit word "khaddar", which means "coarse cloth." The irregularities in the weave give it a rustic and natural look. It can be hand spun from cotton, silk or wool. Khadi has a unique texture and feel due to its hand spun and handwoven nature. Its origins can be traced back to ancient India, where spinning and weaving were widespread crafts.

One of the advantages of khadi is its eco-friendliness. Producing khadi does not involve the use of any electricity or machines. The cloth is made by spinning fabric by hand, and then weaving it using a handloom. The process is entirely manual, which means that it has a minimal carbon footprint and does not generate environmental pollution. Khadi cotton cloth is breathable and airy, making it ideal for the spring and summer. In collaboration with weavers from West Bengal, we are offering a collection of clothing and home furnishings.

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