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Who are we?

Poonam's House was founded in 2004 and annually presents two collections of fashionable ready-to-wear and home linens. Our products are inspired by traditional designs, handmade by Indian artisans using techniques perfected over time. Poonam's House is a small, independent entity focused on creating quality pieces of timeless beauty rather than profit. The story of Poonam's House begins with its founder Poonam Sharma-Murray. Poonam was born in India, raised in the United States and worked in France, Belgium, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. 20 years ago, she settled in Belgium with her Scottish husband. Poonam's life is a true fusion of different cultures and influences. Through her company, Poonam sought to reconnect with India. This is how she is inspired by the traditional textile work and artistic culture of India to create high quality products representing a mixture of styles from different Indian regions adapted to Western life.


Our collections

Poonam's House produces two collections per year, Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter. Each collection is marked by beautiful colorful hand block printed fabrics, beautiful hand woven products, exquisite embroidery and other handcrafted decorative products from different parts of India. Many artisans, who are pressured to abandon their craft work in favor of employment in the modern society of one of India's large and bustling cities, continue to work with Poonam's House. It is becoming more and more difficult to find good craftsmen for this reason. Poonam tirelessly tries to inspire and motivate these artisans so that they can express themselves and showcase their expertise, producing items that they are proud of. The result of this effort is felt in the collections which are composed of new and unique items, testifying to the talent and skill of our artisans. In doing so we help keep and protect traditions and create financial opportunities for those working in the traditional cottage industry.

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Who do we work with?

Poonam spends several months a year in India where she works with artisans in rural parts of the country. These are families of artisans, both men and women, who have always worked in the textile and printing sector, thus acquiring expertise that requires years of apprenticeship. By being involved so closely at the various stages of production, she is able to trace each piece in the collection through the production line. This is essential for her, as it ensures fair treatment for all those who contribute to the production of the range of items in her collections. The Indian subcontinent offers a wonderful eclectic mix of people, cultures and customs varying from region to region. This is particularly true in the textile sector where each region has its unique specialty. Over the past 15 years, Poonam's House has worked, among others, with specialists in chain stitch embroidery in Kashmir, wool-producing shepherds in Ladakh, masters in block printing in different regions of Rajasthan, weavers from Ikat in Odihsa and Hyderabad, from Khadi and Jamdani in West Bengal, specialists in chikan kari embroidery in Lucknow and artisans working with metal in Utter Pradesh.... Through the 30 collections presented in recent years, she has put highlights the wonderful skills of Indian artisans. In doing so, she formed bonds based on mutual respect and admiration throughout India. It is also thanks to these links that the content of its collections remains surprising and new.


How do we sell?

Poonam's House has two forms of marketing - retail and wholesale. As a wholesaler Poonam's House sells to several major museums such as the Louvre in Paris, the Victoria & Albert Museum and the British Museum in London. You will find the products in both high-end boutiques and more popular museum boutiques. Poonam's House sells products having a direct link with the permanent collections but also during temporary exhibitions.

Through private sales and its online store Poonam's House also sells directly to its customers. Private sales represent the preferred channel of interaction with customers. Twice a year it organizes a sale in Brussels and Paris to present the summer and winter collections. He also goes to London, Luxembourg and Milan if the opportunity arises.

These private sales give him the opportunity to have direct contact with his customers, to inform them about the history and processes which are at the origin of the collections. These sales are not limited to pure sales, but are also a meeting place for people who are curious and open to other cultures or who share the same appreciation of Indian artistic culture. These private sales are also a way of reacting against the ephemeral side of fashion. Many brand chains release a new collection on the market every week. This multiplication of collections leads to overexploitation of our land and the people who produce these clothes. Poonam's House strives to create timeless pieces that can last a lifetime, which is why they don't have to sell all year round. She believes that unbridled consumption distances the public from what is essential in life; quality takes time Customers who cannot come to private sales have the opportunity to access the collections through the online store. The website allows us to stay in touch alongside our private sales with our distant customers.

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