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These two-piece pajamas are comfortable and soft. They are made of 3 layers of cotton voile. Subtle designs are embroidered on pocket. The pajama bottoms are half-string and half-elastic for your optimal comfort. These pajamas are warm and breathable – so you'll never be too hot.

White pajamas

  • Rajasthani applique work

    Applique – is a French term. This traditional technique has been used for centuries in India, and in particular in Gujrat and Rajasthan. In the district of Barmer, located 550 km southwest of Jaipur (Rajasthan) and 220 km from the border with Pakistan, groups of Marwari women carry out this traditional work during the hottest hours of the day. After caring for the herd, they settle down in the 38°C shade of their home to do this traditional sewing and appliqué work to produce decorative home items and clothing. They use a solid piece of textile on which they place animal or geometric cutouts and then sew them on the fabric.


    Poonam's House makes use of these skills to produce tablecloths with intricate designs. Part of the collection has been produced with colored yarns to highlight the geometric patterns and produce exquisite tablecloths.



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